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  • Trustee Investment Duties
    As fiduciaries, executors and trustees owe numerous duties to both the estate and to its beneficiaries. This article addresses a particular trustee duty, namely the duty to invest the trust property. A trustee is required to obey the trust deed Often, a trust deed will contain a specific term limiting the trustee’s investment ...continue reading

  • Part 2 - TFSA Designation at Death... Simple? Nope!
    In Part 1 of the articles, I highlighted the importance of choosing a benefactor for your TFSA and the tax outcome with each type. I will continue with the three remaining methods of how to transfer your TFSA upon death.     Designation of an “Exempt Contribution” by a surviving Spouse/Common-Law Partner who Inherits the ...continue reading

  • TFSA Designation at Death…Simple? Nope!
    The introduction of the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) from the Conservative government in 2009 provided all Canadians with the opportunity to accumulate monies tax-sheltered and tax-free upon withdrawal. It can be a great source of tax-free retirement income preventing or minimizing the Old Age Security (OAS) claw back. To maintain the inherent ...continue reading

  • Changes to Ontario's Estate Administration Tax Act
    From Jan. 1, 2015 various changes relating to the Estate Administration Tax Act have become effective. While these changes seem administrative in nature, a deeper look reveals they can make estate administration and the probate process more onerous, costly and time-consuming. This makes it critical for Ontario residents to carefully plan their ...continue reading

  • If you have the choice, what should you choose, Dividends or Salary?
    The inspiration for this article came from a friend, an incorporated physician and director of a prominent downtown clinic. The last time I visited him, the topic of tax efficiency and pensions came up. I asked if he paid into CPP. He confidently claimed that he did not and explained that he drew ...continue reading

  • Is Your Tax-Free Savings Account a Missed Opportunity?
    Tax Free Savings A Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA) is a missed opportunity for many Canadians who have either not set up a TFSA or are using it to hold low interest GICs. The attraction of a TFSA is tax-free investment growth (interest, dividends and capital gains) without any income reporting for tax purposes ...continue reading

  • Use the Waterfall Wealth Transfer Concept to Benefit 3 Generations
    How would you like to invest money on a tax sheltered basis that you could access if needed and also be able transfer wealth tax-free to your child and your grandchild when you decide? In other words, create something like a trust without having to worry about the rules and tax issues ...continue reading