Pelorus Wealth Management

Linking Investments To Your Life Goals

At Pelorus Wealth Management, we take the time to understand who you are, what you want to achieve and how your investment strategy fits into your overall life plan.

Guided by Your Investor Policy Statement

This life planning information in conjunction with an assessment of your investment knowledge, portfolio constraints and attitude towards investment risk are used to formulate an Investor Policy Statement (IPS). An IPS outlines your investment objectives, return requirements and risk tolerance towards market volatility which helps to create your asset allocation portfolio.

Gain Security from Diversified Portfolio Construction

You benefit from a disciplined asset allocation process that provides you global exposure. It encompasses an ongoing review of market and economic activity. Opportunities and risks are assessed as we work with you to build an appropriately diversified asset mix to protect and grow the value of your investment portfolio.

Invest With Leading Fund Managers

We annually review the performance and investment expenses of selected fund managers against industry peers to ensure you are benefiting from the most successful fund managers offering the best combination of performance, value and stability.

Benefit From Our Attention to Details

Your investment portfolio benefits from ongoing monitoring, rebalancing and communication. We are in regular contact with you throughout the year (in person, over the phone and via the web) to review your portfolio and any proposed changes to reflect emerging opportunities and risks.

Keep Informed With Detailed Consolidated Reporting

You receive the benefit of full reporting of your consolidated investment portfolio with historical returns along with information on individual funds. To provide added service and convenience, your portfolio can be viewed anytime online.

Benefit From Individually Managed Account Solutions

For larger investment portfolios you can benefit through our referral arrangements to individual managed money solutions. Gain advantage from direct contact with the portfolio management team, regularly scheduled quarterly meetings, full reporting with performance bench marking and tax advantaged trading strategies.

Access Wide Range of Investment Solutions

We are associated with Worldsource Financial Management Inc. (WFM), one of Canada’s leading independent fund dealers. They provide you access to a wide range of investment options that we work with to tailor investment portfolios designed to meet your specific needs and risk profile. Mutual Funds and some Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Other Products and Services are offered through Pelorus Financial Group.