What We Do

We are a Leading Provider of Corporate and Personal Financial, Insurance and Benefit Planning Solutions

The Pelorus Financial Group works with individuals and companies to achieve the following:

  • Build and preserve wealth
  • Provide financial stability and health protection
  • Reduce impact of taxes
  • Leave a legacy in the form of an estate
  • Protect your business

Personal Planning

With Pelorus’ personal planning, you benefit from comprehensive value based life planning that is combined with risk and wealth management programs. We help organize and simplify the process of achieving the goals most important to you (your children’s education, organizing a wedding, purchasing a cottage, retiring, just to name a few). All of the risks that might prevent you from achieving your goals are also considered. This includes protecting you and your family from the potentially devastating financial impact of an untimely death, illness or accident. Our process builds a road map to navigate you through the challenges associated with key transition points in your life such as marriage, starting a family, divorce, exiting a business or easing into retirement.

Corporate Planning

We provide services to corporations that will deliver peace of mind and positively affect your bottom line. These services include comprehensive benefits coverage, health and wellness solutions, income protection, and retirement programs, along with insurance planning to minimize income tax, protect key people and facilitate succession planning.

Customized Approach

All of our solutions are supported by thorough independent analysis with a tailored and flexible approach to meet your specific needs. We accomplish this feat through either a value based comprehensive planning or a more specific modular approach to address a single issue.

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