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Things to Consider Before Withdrawing Funds From Your RRSP

Money withdrawn from an RRSP not only reduces the number of dollars building your retirement fund, but also can create a substantial tax liability. Source:  Business Matters Volume 24, Issue 3

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Is Your Tax-Free Savings Account a Missed Opportunity?

Tax Free Savings A Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA) is a missed opportunity for many Canadians who have either not set up a TFSA or are using it to hold low interest GICs. The attraction of a TFSA is tax-free investment … Continue reading

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Use the Waterfall Wealth Transfer Concept to Benefit 3 Generations

How would you like to invest money on a tax sheltered basis that you could access if needed and also be able transfer wealth tax-free to your child and your grandchild when you decide? In other words, create something like … Continue reading

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